Soft Knees® Knee Pads for Carhartt Double Knee Work Pants

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Soft Knees® Knee Pads for Carhartt Double Knee Work Pants.

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  • Soft Knees® Knee Pads were designed specifically for workers who wear Carhartt, Dickies and other double knee pants.
  • Protects knees from hard, rough, wet, or cold surfaces.
  • Easily installed in double knee workwear.
  • Full time protection for those working on electrical, welding, plumbing, construction, service, painting and other jobs.
  • Made of long-lasting hypoallergenic material often used in prosthetics.


Do you do a lot of kneeling, but hate having knee pads cut into the back of your knees? Soft Knees® No-Strap Knee Pads solves your problem by giving your knees cushioning when you want it without any uncomfortable straps. Simply roll up and insert Soft Knees into the opening in the bottom of your double knee work pants, jeans or overalls like Carhartt, Dickies and some other double knee brands. They’re lightweight and barely noticeable as you stand and walk around. You can even leave them in your pants during laundering!

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