Jack Hoffman Gold Rush

Jack Hoffman from Gold Rush on Discovery

For years and years Jack has had his favorite work clothes - Carhartt bib overalls, always black.


He has worn those on Gold Rush Season 1 to 4.  BUT, last year during Season 5, filmed in the Yukon Territory, Canada, Jack was given several pairs of Mascot Lerida pants and a Mataro Jacket before he left Oregon.  REPCON NW gave several of the Gold Rush crew these fine work clothes.


About 2 weeks into the gold mining season, Jack found that he preferred the Mascot pants, in fact he loved them.  In time, all of the Carhartt bibs were put away, and the entire mining season Jack wore the pants and the Jacket.  Many of the other miners, one by one, changed to the Mascot clothing.  They were so comfortable, and they came really clean when washed, and that is saying something after 12 hours of working in the dirt.


Jack is going back to REPCON NW and gear up for Season 6.  Jack is sold on this workwear.


Georgia Hoffman-Wife Jack Hoffman Gold Rush on Discovery
Jack Hoffman Gold Rush